Scinovia begins OTC Markets listing process  

Scinovia Corp, a scientific research equipment manufacturer, has recently announced they are going through the listing process for the Over-The-Counter Markets (OTC). OTC gives Scinovia more visibility and liquidity for current and future investors.  

“As we finalize our product for market adoption, our company is looking for more visibility and liquidity. OTC Markets gives us a great opportunity for both of those” said Jim Sund, CEO.

About OTC:  Over-The-Counter Markets are efficient online financial markets who provided various services to companies and investors. Their goal is to give investors quality information about 10,000+ securities while giving companies access to capital and liquidity. They connect companies with leading US broker dealers who use their Alternative Trading System to buy and sell securities. They also feature securities on Bloomberg, REDI Technologies, and Thomson Reuters.

For more information, contact:

Eddie Pinon | Accounting and Investor Relations
+1 833 724 – 6684

About Scinovia:

Scinovia is a developmental stage medical device company focused primarily on aiding surgeons to access blood flow in real time. The company is currently preparing their device for market adoption in the US, EU, and Asia markets. 

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