Introducing The NOVIA Platform

A revolutionary, non-contact, blood flow measurement platform for use in real-time

NOVIA platform™ employs cameras, safe lights, and proprietary algorithms. It reveals absolute speeds of blood flow in real-time for vessels & tissue near the surface of organs. It works without chemicals or device contact.

VU-FLOW™ is the first product from the platform. It is a mobile device with an arm that extends 6 ft (2m) and works 1.5 ft (50cm) above the subject. It is recharged at night and operates during the day without being plugged in.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to Setup & Use

point-and-image measurements
operates on battery during operations

Safe for Use

MET Labs to IEC 61010
device operates over 1.5 feet (50cm) from subject

Unprecedented Levels of Data

A.I. will discover and predict outcomes in anatomy and physiology

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