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… to invest before 1st shipments

Over $3M has been invested in Scinovia through cash, IRAs, and stock options.

Scinovia is transitioning to self-capitalized growth in 2020, but there’s still time to invest through Scinovia’s novel 2-click investing page.

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FDA class I

Scinovia Corp is now a Registered Manufacturer with FDA, and

VU-FLOW™ is FDA listed as a Class I exempt device

MET Labs certification

Scinovia Corp’s manufacturing facility and its product VU-FLOW™ earn Eurofins MET Labs certification to UL 61010 (April 2019).

global market report

Inkwood Research recognizes Scinovia as an emerging disruptor to fast growing global market of blood flow measurement devices, where doctors spent $500M last year … CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Inkwood Research Interview

inkwood research interviews Scinovia CEO

Inkwood Research interviews Scinovia CEO, Jim Sund, about their NOVIA™ platform, its 1st product line VU-FLOW™ and competitive advantages … CONTINUE TO ARTICLE