Over 200 million major medical procedures are performed globally each year

Last year, doctors spent $100 million on fluorescence injections and sound probes to assess quality of blood flow in heart bypass, vascular, transplants, plastics, & general surgeries

Scinovia created a state-of-the-art laser biophotonics device to enable doctors to remotely visualize actual blood flow speeds across vessels & tissue–no injections, no probes, no additional instruments

10 renowned surgeons comprise Scinovia Medical Advisory Board

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Various form factors from NOVIA platform technology



  • Developed breakthrough capability for non-contact measurement of fast to slow blood flow speeds in vessels at or near the surface


  • Testing in various vet surgeries
  • Preparing for regulatory submission – CE Mark & US FDA Class II, 510(k) strategy & draft application (by former FDA Branch Chief)


  • Finished product
  • External testing
  • Gen-1 Regulatory clearance in EU
  • Commercialization


  • Gen-2 Regulatory clearance EU, US, CA
  • Commercialization

Scinovia Corp

Europe, US, Singapore

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