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1st non-contact, quantitative visualization of blood flow during surgery

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Legacy methods of dye injections and ultrasonic probes are 60 years old. Their adoption has exceeded $500M in sales and 20% growth, so the market is primed for non-contact innovation that is safer, easier, and better information. Total addressable market (TAM) is over 300M major procedures/year (WHO). Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) is estimated 10% or 30M major procedures, where adequacy of blood flow is key to faster recovery and to reducing re-admissions.

Company Highlights

We believe we are on track to be the first company to deliver to the market the first non-contact, real-time visualization of blood flow speeds during surgery.

Scinovia is working with world famous heart surgeon at Houston Methodist and his colleagues to clinically assess VU-FLOW.

Expecting revenue
in 2021

Active partners in contract manufacturing and service support for US and Europe.


Led by top surgeon innovators and experts in computer vision.

7 units

$4M and 7 years of R&D produced our technological advantage.

Completed units are being strategically placed in US beachhead hospitals.

2 patents and 2
applications filed

We believe we are a decade ahead of potential competitors.

Solving real problems

Assessing blood flow speeds during surgery reduces complications, re-operations, and fatalities.

For example, 1 in 5 heart bypasses and breast reconstructions ends with insufficient blood flow.


VU-FLOW can simultaneously visualize blood flow distribution (left) and speed over time (right).

technical description: quantitative, intraoperative laser angiography

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