On the forefront of creating breakthrough measurement devices

The NOVIA Platform™ provides blood flow measurements in real time.

We provide previously unseen real-time measurement of blood flow throughout the surgical procedure.

The NOVIA Platform™ allows for medical professionals to correctly identify proper blood flow within vessels.

At a Glance

Over 200 Million Annual Procedures Globally

Over 700 thousand procedures are using a Quality Control (QC) tool.*

800,000 Heart Bypass Procedures Each Year

800,000 of those procedures are bypass procedures where measurement of blood flow is critical to the overall success of the procedure.

* Site reference Source
Million Dollars Is Spent on Quality Control (QC) Tools Annually

Current QA Tools

Single Point Measurements

Single Point Measurements provide a measurement at a specific point in the body.

Introducing The NOVIA Platform™

The NOVIA Platform™ quickly measures ‘actual’ blood flow speeds across organs and vessels.

Dye Injections

Dye Injections provide a visual method of identifying if blood is flowing within and perfusing through the vessel, but no numerical measurements.

The NOVIA Platform™ delivers real-time information without chemical injections or attaching probes to fragile vessels.

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