On the forefront of creating breakthrough measurement devices

The NOVIA Platform™ provides blood flow measurements in real time.

We provide previously unseen real-time measurement of blood flow throughout the surgical procedure.

The NOVIA Platform™ allows for medical professionals to correctly identify proper blood flow within vessels.

At a Glance

Over 200 Million Annual Procedures Globally

Over 700 thousand procedures are using a Quality Control (QC) tool.*

800,000 Heart Bypass Procedures Each Year

800,000 of those procedures are bypass procedures where measurement of blood flow is critical to the overall success of the procedure.

Million Dollars Is Spent on Quality Control (QC) Tools Annually
* Site reference Source

Current QA Tools

Single Point Measurements

Single Point Measurements provide a measurement at a specific point in the body.

Introducing The NOVIA Platform™

The NOVIA Platform™ quickly measures ‘actual’ blood flow speeds across organs and vessels.

Dye Injections

Dye Injections provide a visual method of identifying if blood is flowing within and perfusing through the vessel, but no numerical measurements.

The NOVIA Platform™ delivers real-time information without chemical injections or attaching probes to fragile vessels.

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