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Vu-Flow R

Robotics and computer vision engineers and clinicians tested the latest medical robot arm and imaging head unit in an engineering design facility. VU-FLOW R aims to provide surgeons with cobot mode (arm follows finger tip contact) and automation mode for quick targeting & parking between imaging runs. 

Point-n-Shoot to Know-the-Flow

VU-FLOW imaging system is a mobile laboratory measurement instrument of fluid flow. It operates 200 mm (8 in) from the subject. It can measure flow as fast as 50 cm/seconds.

Intuitive and Informative

Easily visualize flow speeds along a surface (left) and flow speeds over time within the circle (right). The circle can be placed anywhere on the color flow map to explore speeds.

Growing Market

According to Inkwood’s Global Report, the blood flow measurement market is $500M in annual sales revenue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 312 million major procedures per year.

Blood flow sustains all tissue and organs by providing critical oxygen and nutrients and removing toxic byproducts.

Scinovia aims to displace 60-year-old legacy methods of chemical fluorescence injections and ultrasound probes with a non-contact, quantitative tool. Scinovia plans to acquire increasing levels of regulatory clearance as it accumulates and presents supporting data.

The Problem

Assessing the blood flow for surgery is challenging and costly

The number one problem surgeons face is knowing whether a procedure has poor blood flow. 20% of bypass grafts have less than and 14% of breast reconstruction have necrosis. These cases add up: it costs around $100k per case to address breast tissue necrosis.

Our Solution

Know-the-flow in real-time with VU-FLOW

We designed VU-FLOW, a non-contact robotic device which does the work for you. Surgeons can simply point-n-shoot to visualize blood flow speeds during open surgery and verify their work. Their visual assessment may help identify complications in circulation and thus enable them to correct flow problems to avoid re-operation. By correcting poor blood flow, there is $1B in potential savings that can be recovered.

Business Model

Pay-per-use: With a fixed cost of $1k per use and the expected number of cases at 20/month (240/year), we would be making $240K/year, which is comparable to current contact devices.

3-year subscription option: We will offer a discounted subscription of unlimited use, e.g., $370K. Scinovia will sell this subscription to K2 Capital and/or Dext Capital for 81% to receive $300K cash up front. Scinovia will use this to front mfg, sales, and service and retain approximately 50% or $150K/subscription.

Expecting Revenue in 2021

Active partners in contract manufacturing and service support for US and Europe.

7 units

$4M and 7 years of R&D produced our technological advantage.

World-Class Team

Led by top surgeon innovators and experts in computer vision.

2 Patents and 2 Applications Filed

We believe we are a decade ahead of potential competitors.

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